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Ages 8+

2 hours

15 people

Kayaking is on the Grand Union Canal which is about 1.5 miles from Phasels Wood. There are 8 kayaks plus 1 for your instructor. A session lasts 2 hours, including taking the kayaks from the lock-up to the canal side. Allow extra time for travelling, it takes 5 mins by car or 30 minutes to walk to the centre.

You are advised to divide your group and have 1 or 2 changeovers, particularly if they are beginners. No more than 15 children should be at the centre at any one time. A group of up to 8 advanced canoeists may wish to use the whole session.

All participants must be able to swim 50 metres clothed.

All our instructors have a minimum of BCU Level 1 Coach.


Self Led - Scout POR classifies the water as Class C. An activity permit is therefore not required. However, POR FS120623 should be adhered to. For Guides, Schools and Youth Groups Instructors must have the appropriate BCU authorisation (minimum Level 1 coach).


At least one extra adult is required to supervise the children on the canal side.

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