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The ridgeline is a 5.5 metre 2 person climbing wall that has a defined climbing surface inspired by rocky mountain sides. It takes its name from the well defined centre ridge that separates climbers and creates a realistic climbing experience. A buzzer at the top, allows climbers to signal that they have made it before beginning their descent to the bottom. The auto belay system automatically lowers climbers when they let go of the wall and adjusts to each climber’s weight to provide a safe ride back to the ground. This method allows for a high throughput of participants within a given time.

The ridgeline is narrow enough to fit through double doors for use inside and light enough to then be moved without a vehicle. Its small size allows for manoeuvring through narrow city streets and country lanes alike.

Participants must be 1.1 metres tall to use this equipment.


60 mins

15 people




Ages 6+

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