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Soft Archery

Ages 4+

60 mins

15 people





Soft archery is a safe and fun way to introduce archery for the younger age group (ages 4-10) using suction cup arrows.   Young people will build strength and coordination while learning the basic skills of archery.


One instructor is required for a group of up to 15 people per 60 minute session. At least one additional adult from your group is needed to supervise the children not engaged on the activity. Additional adults are useful to help with younger participants and beginners.

Soft archery can be a self led activity and uses equipment specifically designed to be led by activity leaders without any formal qualification, consisting of low poundage bows and rubber/sucker tip arrows. This does not include steel tip arrows.


Soft archery is also available for day hire off site at your event as part of our mobile activity equipment.

Please check your organisations rules for this activity as each organisation has different rules.

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