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Underground Tunnels

Ages 8+

MAX 15 people


60 mins

Underground Tunnel System (Potholing) takes place in the 150m manmade underground pipe system. The pipes are just below the surface with varying widths of tunnels, squeezes, corkscrew, boulder chamber and water pot. There are several entrances and emergency exits. Confident leaders who are familiar with the system may instruct this activity themselves. Participants should wear old clothes with long sleeves and long trouser legs.


Each person should provide their own torch but helmets are provided by Phasels Wood. One instructor is required for a group of up to 15 people with 1 or 2 adult helpers.

For children younger than 8 check out the Cave On The Move.


This activity can of course be used anytime of day.

Torches are required (We do not supply them) Old clothes and long sleeved tops are recommended.

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